where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit Flies are named that for one main reason. These flies love fruit. Once the fruit begins to rot, these flies travel to this fruit. It is because they love the fermentation once the fruit begins to go bad. They use this as food and soon enough they begin to lay thousands of eggs. They continue this cycle until they is no more rotten fruit left in the house. However, once all the rotten fruit has been eliminated, the fruit flies can still live in places like mops and other dark locations.

Like fruit flies, Bedbugs are difficult to see. However, just because they are more difficult to see does not mean you can't get rid or them. The easiest way to get rid of them is to take away the fruit and clean. Since the lifespan of a fruit fly is about 30 days and female fruit flies can lay 500 eggs at one time, make sure to clean. Female Fruit flies love to lay eggs on roaten fruit, so by trashing all your fruit, will get rid of most the eggs.