Where do grapes come from?

Today grapes come from all over the world. China is the biggest export of grapes, shipping about 13% of the world’s grape crop. Other countries like the United States, Italy, Spain and France also ship a huge portion of the grape crop. However, today Spain is the largest export of grapes for wine making.

Where did grapes originate from?

Grapes originate from the Middle East around 8,000 BC. However, the grape was cultivated for wine making. Archaeologists found that grapes in the Georgia territory had a microorganisms, known as Yeast, was perfect for other alcoholic drinks, in addition to wine. The oldest winery to date is known to be in Armenia around 4000 BC.

The grape become domesticated around 6000 BC for casual eating. For the Romans, Greeks and the Phoenicians it became a high commodity for trade. For Jews and Christian, it was a significant part of any feast and later symbolized a major part in the Eucharist for Christians.


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