Where Does Energy Come From

What is Electric Energy?

Electric Energy (electricity) is defined as the result of charged particles. Particles are small bits of matter that you cannot see but are there. Electricity can easily be created by taking two objects and rubbing them together. So, say two balloons or two magnets being rubbed together creates electricity for a split second. Now, in this case the energy comes from the act of rubbing, which is called static electricity.

Where does static electricity come from?

Well, It is just like the example with the balloons, but on a much larger scale. Rubbing two balloons might create energy but not enough to power your new 55 inch screen TV. So engineers have create buildings where this energy can be created on a much larger scale.

For example, the hover dam creates energy by having water push large turbines in circles and in his turbine there are tiny little magnets rubbing against each other. This creates energy on a massive scale. If you live on the west coast, your energy at some point in your life came from the hover dam.

A big push towards alternative energy is in the process now. Alternative energy was created to help push new methods of creating electricity. Such examples are wind energy, and solar power. Solar power is where most of the research money is going to these days because solar energy does not need this static electricity to be created. Our Sun already sends us charged particles, so why not find some way of capturing these charged particles and storing them for later use.

Solar Power has come a long way. Several years ago, only thing that used solar power was calculators. Today Solar panels are being installed on top of rooftops and solar power farms in the desert. However, there is a huge obstacle we have to overcome and that is making the solar panels more efficient. Solar panel produce small amounts of electricity and for those that already have solar panels on their rooftops, the energy produced only helps with about 60% of the total energy needed for the house. Just like in water dams, some of your energy did come from a solar farm.

Someday we will be able to place these solar panels on every house and not have to worry where does energy come from because we will already know the answer; our rooftop.

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Last Update on May 21, 2013

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